Tinospora cordifolia

What is Tinofend?

Proprietary, standardized Tinospora cordifolia extract standardized to active polysaccharides and clinically demonstrated to support immune health with beneficial histamine effects, adaptogenic support, and potential for gut / digestive health.

Key Attributes:

Tinospora cordifolia extract

Clinically research to support immune and allergy health

Adaptogenic histamine support without CNS activity

300-900mg / day

Standardized to active polysaccharides

Active alpha-glucans and macrophage activation

Regulatory & Safety:

Excellent safety profile & traditional use

Non-GMO Verified / Compliant

Meets or exceeds USP/ICH/Prop-65 standards

Herbs of commerce volume 2; Indian pharmacopeia

USDA certified organic / compliant


Standardized to active polysaccharides, proprietary Tinofend® extract is a clinically demonstrated Tinospora cordifolia extract for immune health and beneficial effects on histamine, offering an adaptogenic approach to immune, allergy, and gut / digestive support. With traditional applications in allergies and a balanced immune response, Tinofend® has been sold world-wide as a safe, efficacious, clinically supported tinospora extract. Accredited by universities, institutions, and certifying bodies globally, Tinofend® is established with a long-standing history of exceeding global regulatory compliance, offering superior quality assurance and control parameters, as well as being supported by rigorous traceability and sustainability initiatives and clinical validation.

Exclusively offered by Verdure Sciences®, proprietary Tinofend® delivers tangible health benefits through active polysaccharides for balanced immune support health and digestive health by targeting activation of macrophages with active alpha-glucans.