Clinically substantiated at
150 – 800mg / day


Metabolites shown to circulate in plasma
for up to 24 hours

Applications in Cardiovascular Health, Glycemic Health,
Cognitive Function, Gut-Brain Connection, Oral Health & Skin Health


We have over 14 published clinical studies with
multiple already on the way

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Pomella® is a naturally potent antioxidant backed with clinical research. It delivers readily absorbed, measurable, and efficacious punicalagins and metabolites and is known to promote a wide range of health benefits. Pomella® Extract was developed to deliver high amounts of bioefficacious ellagitannins, the major of which is punicalagins. Punicalagins and their metabolites, namely urolithins, deliver an array of antioxidant related health benefits.

Pomella® Pomegranate Extract is developed as an ingredient for dietary supplements, functional foods, cosmeceuticals, etc. and is available in powder, granule, and other grades. Due to our complete control: from procurement to manufacturing and research, various forms of Pomella® can be custom formulated and specially tailored.

In addition to our vertically integrated control, from the farm to the drum, each batch of Pomella® Extract must undergo rigorous analyses at both in-house and independent laboratories, as detailed in our product and manufacturing specifications.

Ingredients are only as good as the methodology behind them; without appropriate methodology it is difficult to know that a product, or ingredient, meets the rigorous specifications, or claims, made. Therefore, we use the recognized, repeatable methods published in peer-reviewed literature, and the most advanced instrumentation available.

Dietary supplements like Pomella® are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please keep in mind that statements may not be applicable in all countries. Claims made on this site are specific to Pomella®, and make no reference to finished products. Consumers are recommended to check with local legal counsel and/or healthcare professional(s) before making any purchases of products and/or services from our finished product partners.


  • Pending Indications: 150 – 800mg / day


  • Natural Extract
  • Clinically Researched
  • Whole Pomegranate Spectrum
  • Standardized to Punicalagins


  • US Patents 7638640, 7897791, 7919636
  • EP Patent 1734949


  • Toxicology Data Published
  • Self-GRAS; Herbs of Commerce Volume 2
  • Non-GMO Compliant; Meets or Exceeds USP / ICH / Prop-65 Standards
  • Produced with an HPLC Fingerprint Verified Using AOAC Methods and Research-Backed Standards on Every Batch



POMELLA® – Healthy support for sports nutrition

The approach to developing Pomella® Extract was quite visionary. Flying in the face of the status quo for nutritional development, the evolution of Pomella® in university research was not driven by business interests or cost, but by what offers superior bioactivity and bioavailability. Pomella® is the culmination of a complex research process that compared dozens, if not hundreds, of different forms of pomegranates in various antioxidant and bioavailability models.

Athletes, for example, are well informed about the health benefits associated with antioxidants and the potential to optimize performance and reduce to recovery. However, not all antioxidants perform the same. Our new download on Pomella® Pomegranate Extract discusses how our patented and proprietary natural pomegranate extract can work for you. Find out how Punicalagins support sports nutrition.



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