Acer rubrum

What is Maplifa?

Maplifa® is a patent pending Acer rubrum extract with traditional roots in North American medicine standardized and clinically researched to support topical formulations for skin radiance, dermal health, dermal and skin appearance, and skin elasticity in healthy aging applications.

Key Attributes:

Acer rubrum extract

Protected by global intellectual property & pending patents

Standardized to total polyphenols and glucitol-core containing gallotannins (GCGs)

100% sourced & manufactured in North America

Clinically researched to support dermal health, healthy aging, and oxidative stress; topical health applications

Regulatory & Safety:

North American historical & traditional use

Meets or exceeds USP/ICH/Prop-65 standards

Eco-friendly & sustainably sourced

Non-GMO Project Verified / compliant

INCI Name: Acer rubrum extract


Maplifa® is a patent pending, phenolic-enriched red maple (Acer rubrum) leaf extract containing ginnalin A (GA) and other glucitol-core containing gallotannins (GCGs); GCGs are distinctive polyphenols with antioxidant properties that are uncommonly found in natural plant sources but are unique to the red maple. Maplifa is sustainably harvested using eco-friendly techniques that aim to promote healthy tree populations. The harvesting and collection of the leaves for Maplifa do not negatively impact or harm the maturing trees, in fact, it promotes healthy growth.

Standardized to total polyphenol content and GCGs, this water soluble extract is produced using an earth-friendly, patent pending extraction process for a concentrated ingredient solution free of organic solvents. Exclusively offered by Verdure Sciences®, Maplifa® delivers tangible health benefits for skin, dermal, and personal care applications. Additionally, Verdure collects red maple leaves and manufactures the extract in North America, making Maplifa a 100% North American botanical ingredient offering; all steps from growth to extraction are done in North America.