The Verdure Difference: An Exemplary Quality Team

Many factors, initiatives, methods, and solutions distinguish ingredient suppliers from one another; however, the crowded space often elicits equal parts clarity and confusion. Often times, companies aim to uniquely identify and position with a select group of initiatives for key points of differentiation. Verdure is dedicated to quality and translates that dedication into a range of quality assurance and control initiatives, standards, and protocols. In addition to instituting unique initiatives, our quality team aims to keep moving the standard of quality forward for not only our customers’ needs, but also to urge the industry to adopt evolving standards, establishing Verdure as an industry leader.
Verdure QualityA number of factors contribute to the success of the quality department at Verdure Sciences such as collaborative efforts, industry experience, continual education, and a dedicated team with unique positions that set the stage with the goal to exceed expectations. The range, functions, and positions within the team add transparency to our compliance efforts industry-wide. Consistent collaboration and coordination of training, multi-level checks, testing, and inspections, are fundamental strengths of our quality team.

Future-Forward Processes

Verdure values responsible and ethically sourced products as part of the quality-driven process. We aim to supply our customers with innovative ingredients that adhere to an intricate quality process. From procurement and raw material acquisition, to the manufacturing process and beyond, we validate, analyze, and test our ingredients. The quality team collaborates with various departments to uphold these standards, underwriting ingredient quality assurance that customers desire. Certification processes add another layer of coordination efforts spear-headed by our quality team which could include a variation of the following quality adherences, analysis, and/or certifications: ISO, cGMP, HACCP, Organic, Kosher, Halal, non-GMO, Gluten Free, Glyphosate Residue Free, Sports Certified for banned substances, National Animal Supplement Council Preferred.


Aside from Verdure’s quality initiatives internally, our team works collaboratively with a number of industry organizations and associations to contribute to the success of the industry as a whole through advocating, and knowledge sharing on behalf of botanical solutions. These partnerships are key to strengthening not only our team and department, but the industry and people who depend on botanicals. You can learn more about these partnerships and collaborations in our blog: Key Industry Partnerships for Education, Advocacy, and Quality.
Verdure Sciences Quality


Training is fundamental to what we do at Verdure across the board, but especially through quality team initiatives. Ongoing training is performed throughout the quality team to ensure parties are compliant with the latest processes and procedures to deliver quality ingredients to our customers. Internal roles develop and hone procedures using innovative techniques and guidelines from accredited organizations. These procedures are then outlined and standardized for the team. This training regimen not only ensures team members are up to date but sets Verdure apart in consistently moving the level of standards forward. Our team appreciates older techniques and standards while adapting and implementing new standards, not settling for ‘how it’s always been done’. These practices translate to added customer benefits, having team members striving to provide consistency and clarity.

Regulatory Compliance

Quality control is performed at multiple levels of quality assurances. Our team regularly communications with individuals throughout the supply chain to not only transfer information, but to seek out new information. This communication also helps to identify opportunities for efficiency and audit processes. This interaction is vital to the Verdure difference as it gives our customers an added layer of trust and transparency that our team is on the ground level working with and understanding aspects of how our ingredients go from field to customer-ready ingredient. This connection builds trust and relationships, bridging Verdure’s network.

Testing and Inspection

While testing and inspection is done throughout the quality and ingredient process, Verdure’s quality team offers trust and transparency at multiple points within the process. Materials are inspected for packing and labeling integrity with multiple checks that lot, quantity, and specification align with our customer’s needs. Testing is done before shipping and again once shipped to support traceability and check for any potential disturbances during transit. Verdure also implements specifically created and branded security anti-tampering labels, so our customers know that their materials have been checked and inspected by our quality team. We also adhere to FSVP standards and have team members dedicated to staying up to date on regulations.
Verdure holds quality, traceability, and sustainability initiatives paramount. We are honored to have a team of skilled, passionate professionals working for the quality and standards we believe are the pillars of Verdure’s success and core to the integrity of the natural products industry.
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