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Aligning Our Sustainability Initiatives For Global Impact: Verdugration® & The UN's SDGs

July 13, 2022
Sustainability is defined by the United Nations as the ability to meet the present’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It is fundamentally a balancing act of its three pillars: environmental, social, and economic impacts.

Verdugration® Case Study: Bacopa monnieri Traceability & Transparency

June 12, 2022
Proprietary Bacognize®, Bacopa monnieri, is a natural, full spectrum, extract standardized to promote cognitive function, cognitive acuity, and improve focus, learning, and working memory without stimulating side effects. Backed by thousands of years of traditional use, Bacopa monnieri has been used in Ayurveda as a rasayana.

Trends Shaping Growth & Opportunities for Functional Foods and Beverages [FORMULATOR'S GUIDE DOWNLOAD]

May 24, 2022
With increased demand soaring to new heights, formulators have been seeking innovative ways to package a compelling story in new and unique deliverables.

Sustainability Is In Our DNA: 5 Things To Know

May 18, 2022
Since 1997, Verdure Sciences has prioritized sustainability. We've seen it as part of our culture, and we've lived it through the years as we've looked for ways to help protect our world.

Verdure Celebrates 25 Years With Launch Of First Sustainability & Global Stewardship Report

April 18, 2022
This year, we celebrate providing clinically backed plant-based ingredients to a global market with rigorous quality, clinical, and sustainable efforts in place. While not much has changed at the core of our business, we have adapted to the evolving global landscape and are a key player in the industry.

Sustainability In Practice: Verdugration®

December 9, 2021
Verdugration gives our customers an added layer of confidence in the extracts that we supply and make the choice of partner with us an easier one. Is your product pipeline in need of more transparency?