Verdure Answers Sports Nutrition Demands With Restoridyn®

Recently launched by Verdure Sciences, Restoridyn® offers a solution beyond traditional industry and category demands, eliciting a multi-prong polyphenol blend clinically studied in healthy athletes for a synergistic clean label solution. Uniquely studied, this formula targets a new generation of sports nutrition needs for gut health, recovery, cognitive function, and immune health for a complete performance ingredient. These topics, along with others, were discussed at the Sports Nutrition Summit-USA (presented by NutraIngredients-USA) last month.
Leisha Jenkins, Marketing Associate at Verdure Sciences explains, “The insights and synergistic considerations presented at the summit align well with the category and the recent interest in solutions for athletes and enthusiasts alike.”
Mach N et al Sports Health + RestoridynTrends continue to focus on differentiation of the sports nutrition category and personalized positioning to appeal to all levels of athletic ability. In particular, the start of the year has seen substantial coverage across gut health, cognitive health, and recovery for improved sports performance and overall wellness.
The role of exercise and its influence on the promotion of a healthy gut microbiome has seen exponential growth both inside and outside of the sports nutrition segment. Increased awareness has brought the topic to the forefront and it is said that the segment is expected to target gut flora “as safe performance enhancers.”1 Filling the need, Restoridyn® and its individual constituents have been studied by university experts for performance and exercise recovery benefits.2-4 This polyphenol blend advantageously hones in on the antioxidant capabilities of ellagitannins and adaptogenic properties of curcuminoids to offer a multi-prong solution promoting a balanced inflammatory response that may foster a healthy gut and healthy gut microbiome.5 An expanding library of supportive research further shows the positive relationship between healthy gut flora and regular exercise.5-6 (Figure copyright of 6)
Restoridyn Extract Sports Nutrition RecoveryAnother trending segment: the specific needs of the modern female athlete, who goes largely underrepresented with just 2% of total solutions directly targeted at women.7 Trends see demand shifting more toward recovery and endurance, as opposed to antiquated desire for weight loss and lean muscle. “Restoridyn® answers this need with scientific data highlighting the positive impact of the blend for sports performance and exercise recovery,”Jenkins explains. She went on to highlight, “Researchers have shown positive improvements in healthy people with participants experiencing 50% greater improvements in soreness and perceived pain, with daily intake accelerating recovery and noticeable results in as little as two hours (the earliest time examined).9 It is invigorating to be at the forefront of this innovation and see how this all falls into place, aligning so well with the industry trends. Further, researchers have shown that Restoridyn® offers a personalized nutritional approach and flexible dosing opportunities supporting immunity and recovery with similar improvements in exercise training capacity in both men and women – further bridging the gap.9
The recent summit also diversified the sports category with topics highlighting the importance of cognitive acuity as it pertains to sports nutrition. Industry experts have long been talking about mental acuity and focus as it relates to sports nutrition and performance, but the 2020 Sports Nutrition Summit USA brought a fresh perspective to the importance of mental vitality for athletes. Restoridyn’s powerful curcuminoids offer cognitive function support with researchers showing improved working memory, mood, and focus in a number of clinical studies.8,10-12 This, combined with anti-inflammatory support from ellagitannins, and a host of other clinically researched benefits on the blend showcase Restoridyn® as a well-rounded offering supporting a variety of needs.
“In 2020 we expect to see cognition play a bigger role in the physical wellness category and with more interest in ingredients that offer cognitive support as a key benefit,” said Jenkins. She continued, “We know that memory extends beyond the old-adage of muscle memory into working memory, focus and mental energy for athletes and active individuals. The mind plays an important role in physical fitness, and increasingly people are seeking education on the key attributes they most desire in a sports nutrition supplement; mental acuity seems to be one of the keys. It is exciting to see Restoridyn align with these key industry trends through the combination of clinically substantiated adaptogenic properties incuding immune promoting benefits, cognitive support, performance and recovery attributes.”†


† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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