Bacognize® Supports Cognitive Vitality, Emotional Wellbeing, & Restorative Sleep

Bacognize® Supports Cognitive Vitality, Emotional Wellbeing, & Restorative Sleep

A recently published study with Bacognize, a proprietary Bacopa monnieri extract, reported numerous findings in emotional and mental wellbeing, alertness, focus, impact on sleep, stress, and other quality of life markers. The ability of Bacognize to help with alertness and focus has been seen in previous clinicals, including when subjects were under stressful test taking circumstances (Kumar et al, 2016).

Previous studies also have looked at the mechanistic abilities of Bacognize to interact on HT1a receptors associated with serotonin uptake. With this knowledge, researchers examined the ability of Bacognize to act as an adaptogen, modulating the serotonin / melatonin pathways associated with alertness, focus, and a healthy circadian rhythm.


Recently, researchers examined administration of 150mg Bacognize (twice daily) and its impact on quality of life (QOL) measures, including emotional wellbeing, alertness, and quality of sleep. Eighty-nine healthy men and women aged 18-70 years with self-reported sleep problems showed positive improvements in salivary biomarkers measures with Bacognize when compared to placebo in all QOL measures (alertness upon awakening, emotional wellbeing, general health, and pain), with positive changes in PM melatonin, decreases in CRP, and trending increase of morning cortisol levels. The ability to improve grogginess was significant. No adverse effects were observed in the Bacognize group attributed to supplementation.

“Conducting a human clinical during the COVID-19 pandemic did present some unusual challenges; however, the results are encouraging. Stress and quality of life have definitely been brought to the forefront during these times, with an ever-broadening appreciation of adapting capabilities. This study suggests that Bacognize indeed has the ability to help individuals respond and adapt without any negative impacts to the sleep cycle, with specific support in mood, emotional wellbeing, focus, attention, and overall cognitive vitality,” explained Sonya Cropper, our VP of Marketing & Innovation.

Researchers stated that Bacognize supplementation (300mg/day) was associated with statistically significant improvements to emotional wellbeing and general health. Compared to baseline, [Bacognize] was associated with a 14% improvement in emotional wellbeing, 12% improvement in general health, and 16% reduction in pain (p<0.001). In contrast, the placebo [group] was associated with a 6% improvement in emotional wellbeing (p=0.007), 4% improvement in general health (p=0.039), and a non-significant 3% reduction in pain (p=0.474).1


This study, supports the opportunity to promote restful, restorative, and rejuvenating sleep with Bacognize. It is a very relatable category / application to target; nearly everyone has wanted to wake up alert and refreshed, balance their circadian rhythm, but not want to feel groggy or tired when getting up. It pairs nicely with the study in medical students (Kumar et al, 2016) as improved learning has traditionally been associated with a good nights’ sleep, and just because you want to promote good quality sleep—restorative and restful—does not mean that you want to feel more tired when you lie down. We are thrilled with this new publication joining the growing body of evidence in support of Bacognize.

While health and wellbeing trends were invigorated by the onset of the global pandemic, these trends were inevitable and would have been seen over time. Trends within the industry may have some transient properties, but overall, it is predicted that this momentum will continue to persist. In particular, consumer demands are mirroring bigger conversations about mental wellbeing and healthy aging with heightened interest in innovative solutions associated with boosting health and wellbeing.2

Upticks in multi-prong support have also spurred innovation as consumers recognize the direct links between multiple areas of health, such as acknowledgement that mental and physical fatigue may lead to impaired immune health—if you are tired and rundown, you are more susceptible to opportunistic infection and illness. Consumers are adopting a proactive, long-term approach to health and wellness.2

These consumer trends are driving demand for ingredients supported by clinical research, quality, sustainability and traceability, clean labels, and robust adaptogenic offerings. Bacognize is well poised to offer an adaptive approach to restorative health and is backed by traceability, clinical rigor, and quality assurance. This new publication only further exemplifies that traditional use with bacopa as modern applications with Bacognize are well aligned with what consumers really want in a product for cognitive vitality, emotional and mental wellbeing, and now, restorative sleep.


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