Verdure Adopts Pomegranate Through Adopt-An-Herb-Program

Verdure Sciences’ adoption supports ABC’s extensive HerbMedPro database, ensuring that this essential educational resource remains up to date for researchers, health professionals, industry, students, consumers, and other members of the herbal and dietary supplements community.
HerbMedPro is a comprehensive, interactive online database that provides access to important scientific and clinical research data on the uses and health effects of more than 250 herbs, spices, and medicinal plants.
“Pomegranate is highly recognized for its antioxidant properties and has become increasingly popular with the masses over the past decade,” wrote Kristen Marshall, marketing coordinator for Verdure Sciences. “It is important to continue to strive for excellence in the industry, even with a well-established ingredient like pomegranate.”
She also noted that expanding research and emerging evidence are supporting the safety and efficacy of punicalagins (characteristic antioxidant constituents of the pomegranate fruit). According to Marshall, Verdure Sciences believes the adoption is important because Pomella Extract, the company’s branded, patented, and proprietary standardized pomegranate extract, was developed to deliver punicalagins and other beneficial metabolites to the body.
“Verdure is excited to partner with ABC to recognize the increasing clinical initiatives on pomegranate and curate scientific and clinical research into HerbMedPro through this adoption,” Marshall continued.
Ajay Patel, founder and CEO of Verdure Sciences, wrote: “It is our responsibility to strive for continuous improvement by ensuring that supplements have proven identity, are safe, and meet label claims.”
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