Restoridyn® Supports Faster Return To Normal Function: New Study

Recently, Restoridyn®, a proprietary blend of pomegranate ellagitannins and curcuminoids, was shown to have beneficial impacts to exercise recovery, sports nutrition, healthy aging, immune support, and promotion of a balanced inflammatory response.
Researchers explain, “recreationally active individuals often incorporate a variety of exercise modes, intensities, and durations as part of a long-term training program that when executed in high volumes may lead to overtraining injuries associated with incomplete recovery.”1 As a popular activity-habit due to its minimal cost-investment and purported health benefits, running also poses challenges in recovery, soreness, and inflammation. To combat these challenges, a comprehensive run-training program is often beneficial utilizing hydration, recovery, stretching, and nutritional support. Findings from this recent study examine the alterations in systemic inflammatory responses following a half-marathon race to explore Restoridyn’s effects on recovery as part of a nutritional component of a recovery training program.

The recent clinical study, conducted by researchers at the University of North Texas, examined over 600 RNA biomarkers in an effort to evaluate mechanisms behind perceived muscle soreness and inflammation after exercise. They explain that this study is part of a larger project and have hopes to further determine solutions for recovery that appeal to the global population and promote healthy lifestyles and healthy aging. Eighteen healthy adults training for a half-marathon took 1000mg/day Restoridyn® for the first 26-days, with doses doubled to 2000mg/day for days 27-31. The dose was doubled during the last few days (through 24hrs post-race) to manage the expected increase in muscle injury from the half-marathon.1 Further, participants were allowed to take a booster dose of 1000mg/day during days 1-26 when running 6+ miles. The dosing pattern was intended to not only “be consistent with the level of muscle injury anticipated during and following the half-marathon,”1 but also represent a real-world application that would “mirror what an individual may use during training, rather than a strict laboratory-controlled dosing pattern.”1
This “dosing pattern [was] to be consistent with the level of muscle injury anticipated during training and following the half-marathon race (i.e. lower during the training period and higher after the race)”.1 Additionally, “sample time points were selected to focus on the acute response to a half-marathon race.”2,3 This supports flexible dosing opportunities offering advantages to tailor doses to specific needs based on intensity and duration of physical activity with results similar to an NSAID without the adverse side effects commonly associated with an NSAID.
Findings showed “specific proteins that changed with supplement [as Restoridyn] were associated with a variety of biological pathways including: chemotactic signaling (ITAC, IL-8, MIP-3alpha, and MIP-1alpha), anti-inflammatory (IL-10 and IL-13), muscle recovery (BDNF), and B-cell activation (sIL-2Ralpha and IL-4). All of these proteins have been previously reported to play a role in muscle recovery from exercise and/or injury and these biomarkers indicated supplementation [with Restoridyn®] may be associated with a more favorable muscle recovery profile. Our findings support that the [Restoridyn] supplementation may represent a useful addition to a comprehensive exercise training plan.”1 Researchers go on to say, “interestingly, we also detected changes in two pathways not directly linked to muscle recovery: host-pathogen interaction and hemostasis. While these responses are not associated with muscle recovery, their change may support an improved post-exercise immune system and reduced incidence of opportunistic infection that is commonly reported following strenuous endurance exercise. Reductions in infection risk are often associated with a more effective recovery from muscle injury.”1
“We are thrilled to announce these results for Restoridyn® for many applications including endurance running, extending into healthy aging, immune response support, increased stamina and more,” said Leisha Jenkins, Marketing Associate at Verdure Sciences. “These results are very promising and add to the growing list of research done on Restoridyn®. These results are part of the award winning research project recently named winner of the NutraIngredients-USA Nutrition Research Project of the Year. We are excited looking to the future as we continue to study the potential benefits of Restoridyn on exercise nutrition and recovery, healthy active aging, and more.” Jenkins continued.
These results further support findings that “[Restoridyn] may be useful as part of a comprehensive plan designed to mitigate post-exercise inflammatory response/injury and improve subsequent recovery between sessions” suggesting Restoridyn® offers multi-prong health support with flexible dosing opportunities at varied levels of intensity making it a promising solution for personalized nutritional supplementation.2-3 †
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