Preserving Natural Wetlands Surrounding Verdure Global HQ

Verdure is excited to announce the expansion of the natural wetlands surrounding the new Noblesville, IN USA headquarters. In September 2018, the entire
Verdure team officially moved into the new collaborated working environment in Noblesville. On the 7-acre parcel and surrounding the main building and wellness center, is a natural wetland area, which was strategically maintained during construction.
Keeping in mind that these wetlands are home to a variety of native flora and fauna species that depend on this small ecosystem, proper preservation helps support the natural balance and allows for the “locals” to thrive in the environment. Surrounding the primary wetland area is a walking trail for employees to better immerse themselves in the natural space. Additionally, local Girl Scouts have been able to come use the space to earn new badges – making the preservation a benefit to the community beyond supporting the natural environment.
We have seen increase presence of killdeer, red-winged black birds, and grey tree frogs! Meet some of our local “neighbors” that call these wetlands home:
Red-winged Blackbird:
The Red-winged Blackbird enjoys nesting near the ground or water surface in marshy areas; making our wetland a perfect home. These birds enjoy mainly an insect diet in the summer and seeds in the winter. Most days, these birds can be seen scavenging for food
right outside the large windows next to our marketing/sales department!
These birds, like other members of the plover family (wide-ranging group of wading birds), prefer to nest either by the water’s edge or in pastures and fields. The Killdeer typically feeds on a variety of insects including beetles, caterpillars, fly larvae, spiders, and earth worms. This bird is known to fool many people with their “broken-wing” act, in which it flutters along the ground in show of injury, luring intruders away from its nest.
Cope’s Grey Tree Frog:
These frogs generally spend most of the day hiding in tree holes or other secluded areas in their habitat; emerging primarily at night to feed on insects. Though we don’t get to see them as often, they are very vocal and occasionally you will spot one lounging near the building on our outdoor seating.

Everyone here at Verdure Sciences loves the natural space that surrounds our office, and we look forward to watching the animals and plants flourish for years to come thanks to the preservation efforts.wetlands-toad