Longvida® Receives ANVISA Approval In Brazil Through Partnership With Kilyos Nutrition

APRIL 2021 – Verdure Sciences is proud to announce Longvida® curcumin extract (Solid Lipid Curcumin Particle – SLCP) is now available in Brazil after receiving ANVISA approval through an exclusive distribution partner in this territory, Kilyos Nutrition. Verdure and Kilyos have forged this new partnership to work in collaboration to offer Longvida®, which is a proprietary Curcuma long extract uniquely positioned to support an expanding market targeting joint health, cognitive health, mood, sports nutrition, vascular health, and more.

curcumin-powder-featureLongvida (Solid Lipid Curcumin Particle – SLCP) is a patented and proprietary turmeric extract standardized to curcumin and total curcuminoids. It is backed by clinical research, safety, rigorous quality control, sustainability, traceability, and global acceptance, and now also available in Brazil with the recent ANVISA approval. “We are pleased with the approval of Longvida for food supplementation. Curcumin is an ingredient of proven effectiveness in promoting health and wellness for individuals,” explains José João Name, MD, PhD, director of Kilyos Nutrition. He continued, “Additionally, offering the Brazilian population the best available source of curcumin makes us very excited about the range of possibilities to be developed.” Dr. João Name went on to say, “We would like to thank our partner Verdure Sciences for the opportunity of including Longvida in our portfolio and for providing us with the full support to obtain the approval of curcumin from ANVISA, for the first time in Brazil, in the food supplementation category. We most certainly will obtain incredibly good results from this partnership!”

Verdure Sciences is excited about this development which is a result of its collaboration with Kilyos Nutrition. “We are honored to offer Longvida® to the Brazilian market via Kilyos and their strong customer base which includes both nutritional and pharmaceutical companies. It is a testament to Longvida’s global acceptance and footprint which is a result of two decades of continuous investment in its safety, efficacy, quality, traceability and sustainability. In addition Longvida offers multifaceted health benefits as a result of clinical studies in healthy human subjects conducted in global demographics evaluating a multitude of biological markers,” stated Ajay Patel, Founder & CEO with Verdure Sciences.†
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† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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About Longvida®: Patented Longvida Optimized Curcumin® utilizes Solid Lipid Curcumin Particle (SLCP™) Technology that promotes the uptake of free curcumin. Developed by university neuroscientists, Longvida® is able to bypass initial hydrolysis and deliver unglucuronidated (free) curcumin to the brain and target tissues. Extensively studied by independent researchers around the globe, Longvida offers efficacious free curcumin at easily managed daily doses as the Cognitive Curcumin of Choice™. Longvida®, Optimized Curcumin®, and Longvida Optimized Curcumin® are registered trademark of Verdure Sciences®, Inc. To learn more about Restoridyn, visit: vs-corp.com/longvida