Longvida® Named Winner Of Nutrition Research Project Award

JULY 2021 — Verdure Sciences® is proud to announce “Further evidence of benefits to mood and working memory from lipidated curcumin [Longvida®] in healthy older people: A 12-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled, partial replication study” has received recognition as the 2021 Nutrition Research Project recipient during the recent NutraIngredient-USA Awards’ virtual event. The Nutrition Research Project category rewards the most innovative and impactful nutrition research projects pushing the boundaries of nutritional science, explains the NutraIngredients-USA Awards website.

We are honored to receive recognition of the continuous endeavors, investment in scientific validation, and commitment to rigorous quality we dedicate to our ingredients here at Verdure. We would like to extend special thanks and congratulations to our best-in-class research team, and, in particular, to the lead researchers of this study, Dr. Andrew Scholey and Kate Cox. This award is Longvida’s third from Nutraingredients for esteemed research efforts and we feel this truly speaks volumes about the integrity of Longvida®. Above all, we are appreciative that our decades of investment and commitment to game-changing research is recognized by the judges at Nutraingredients.” said Ajay Patel, founder & CEO at Verdure Sciences.

This was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial and was a follow-up to a previous 4-week trial examining Longvida on cognitive function, mood, and wellbeing in healthy adults. In the new trial, after a baseline assessment, results were measured at 4 and 12-weeks. Longvida® was well-tolerated. According to researchers, this follow-up study “confirms that Longvida® improves aspects of mood and working memory in a healthy older cohort.”1

Longvida’s research addresses a global public health concern regarding the need for cognitive support through improved mood, working memory, spatial memory, concentration, sustained attention, and fatigue. Many of these attributes have been linked to cognitive decline. In particular, spatial memory is known to take place in the hippocampus, and thus, targeting this area of the brain is of interest. Further, this project (NutraIngredients-Asia Nutrition Research Project 2020 Finalist & now recipient of the 2021 NutraIngredients-USA Nutrition Research Project award) directly correlates to the most commonly affected demographic by examining a healthy group of educated adults aged 50-80 years. Not only does this research offer a low-cost solution for healthy brain aging, it is also supported by multiple studies at a once daily dose (400mg Longvida – 80mg curcumin), and now the same researchers that reported award-winning (NutraIngredients Research Project of the year 2015) cognitive health findings are replicating their efforts – in both research and award nominations/winnings. Significant improvements in aspects of cognitive function and mood were observed, including decreased fatigue, tension, anger, confusion, and total mood, as well as improvements to working memory, concentration, and spatial memory and learning. Combined, these attributes suggest promise for “alleviating cognitive decline in some populations,”1 explained researchers.

There has been an increased demand for cognitive health products, especially since the onset of the global pandemic. This research gave further proof that Longvida indeed supports aspects of cognitive function, working memory, spatial memory & learning, concentration, and mood through improvements to fatigue, stress, tension, and anxiety.1 This trial also substantiates the efficacy of Longvida and adds to the existing cognitive health clinicals supporting Longvida®,2-9 explained Kristen Marshall, digital marketing manager at Verdure Sciences. “Not only is this impressive, but the trial was completed prior to the pandemic and really showcases the possibilities with Longvida well ahead of the increased interest, though we truly see this increased demand for cognitive applications sticking around for the long-term with consumers.”

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Marshall went on to explain, We are very excited this study has shown replicative results in a similar population of healthy older adults and are thrilled to be the recipient of this awardThis further validates the work being done supporting Longvida as the Cognitive Curcumin of Choice, and we are honored to be recognized by NutraIngredients-USA, especially in the Nutrition Research Project category alongside the shortlist of exceptional companies and products. Now, both the original work done at Swinburne University, and the second trial have been formally recognized as examples of game-changing nutrition research pushing the boundaries of nutritional science.”  

Asset 1@4x-4Supporting similar sentiment for the outstanding research, “The judges commended Verdure’s continued commitment to invest and build the science around their Longvida® ingredient. Cognitive function – mood and memory – in older people is an increasingly critical issue for aging populations and especially during these stressful times. It is challenging to perform a quality trial for these endpoints and the judges commented that this study ‘is as good as it gets.'”

In addition to the incredible achievement for outstanding nutritional research efforts, Longvida® was also a finalist in the Ingredient of the Year: Cognitive Function category for evidence supporting cognitive and brain health through improved mood, memory, and learning. These two achievements are a testament to the unprecedented efforts supporting Longvida, which continue to lead the cognitive category. 

Verdure extends humble gratitude and recognition to the dedicated team of researchers at Swinburne University, and in particular to Dr. Andrew Scholey and Kate Cox, for their immense effort, due diligence, and exceptional work into the outstanding research project. We would also like to extend our congratulations to all of the award recipients and nominees for their innovation, passion, and commitment to the betterment of the nutritional supplement industry. †


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