Featured Highlights From Nutritional Outlook April 2020

At Verdure, we strive to connect with the industry and offer information and insights through collaborative efforts. We are honored to be included in editorial articles, such as a recent opportunity in the April 2020 issue of Nutritional Outlook, featuring herbal & botanicals, active nutrition, and marine ingredients. You can find a short synopsis of the articles below with a full link to the resource for more information!
longvida optimized curcumin The lead article ‘Still gold: Turmeric studies are revealing new and surprising benefits,’ takes a closer look at popularity and market performance of turmeric as new ingredients gain popularity as well. We were honored to be included in this article discussing the past, future, and mainstream acceptance of turmeric for a variety of health applications. Read the entire article HERE or on page 12 in the ‘Still gold: Turmeric’s promise continues to grow the more researchers learn about this health-and-wellness powerhouse.
In addition to the highlights on turmeric and curcumin in the leading article, Verdure was also pleased to be included in an article examining the challenges of producing organic turmeric with focus on whether or not organic equates to higher overall quality. Kristen Marshall from Verdure Sciences points out that in many cases additional certifications, which may include organic, are tools suppliers use to help corroborate and relay messages of traceability and transparency to their customers. You can read the full article ‘Curcumin: Keeping it Clean’ on page 20 of the April issue of Nutritional Outlook.
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Additionally, eSports has been a hot topic recently and, in particular, nutritional supplements in eSports gaming. This article details the unique challenges facing gamers and how botanical ingredients could present opportunities for mental and physical support. The growing trend/s in gaming, as well as the focus on health and wellness could position the eSports category as an area of high potential for formulators and botanical solution providers. You can read the entire article in the magazine in the article ‘Leveling Up: Esports supplements are the name of the game’ on page 66, or you can read the full article HERE: ‘eSports enthusiasts target dietary supplements to up their game‘.
To learn more about the ingredients mentioned within these articles, please visit our Longvida page for more on our patented Optimized Curcumin extract. For more on eSports, visit our blog to read about eSports gaming and Bacopa monnieri with Bacognize Extract! †
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