The Story Behind Verdure’s Iconic Bell

While the building of Verdure Sciences is already full of a vast amount of culture and memorable sights, perhaps one of the most striking is the Verdure Bell, a five foot tall sculpture situated in front of a large window in one of the main rooms in the building. The bell was designed by Doug Adams, an artist who is dedicated to making unique sculptures that are made out of items thrown away or in a farmer’s backyard. The stone and steel combination is thought to mean good fortune in many Asian cultures, and embodies the idea of zen.
This ideal is certainly embraced in the workplace and for our guests. It has become tradition for guests to ring the bell when they enter the building. This signifies “ringing in” positivity and good luck in all endeavors, for our guests and us.
Another use for the bell is for the sales team. When a long-term project is completed, it is tradition for the bell to be rung. This provides a sense of accomplishment and a job well done, while also promising great fortune in the future and a positive attitude. The resonant zen sound it produces is calming and symbolizes success.
The Verdure Bell encapsulates our commitment to positivity and the celebration of many cultures, and acts as a beautiful centerpiece to the Verdure Sciences building.