Planting Boswellia Serrata Trees [UPDATED]

On October 25, 2018, Verdure Sciences partnered up to plant 2000 Boswellia serrata saplings. Representatives commented saying, “first we had planned to plant 1000 saplings, but when we learned the forest division had an additional 1000 available, we decided to go ahead with 2000 trees.” Verdure’s representatives assisted in planting the first 200 saplings, with the native tribes in the region where Boswellia serrata grows and is managed by these tribes. The remaining trees were then taken deeper into the forest and planted. These saplings will assist in securing the WokVel supply for years to come.
A typical Boswellia tree will mature and be available to tap for gum resin within 12 years. On average it takes gum resins from approximately 10 trees to produce 1 kilo of Wokvel Boswellia Extract.
Sustainability and conservation of these trees is of high importance. Verdure is very excited to be recognized by the local forestry department for our sustainability efforts, and thankful for the certificate by the department protecting these precious and vital saplings.
For more information about the sustainability efforts in place, or to ask about WokVel, schedule a meeting at SupplySide West using the link below!