Maplifa® Sustainability, Traceability And Global Stewardship

According to a study from Future Market Insights, natural cosmetics sales surpassed 3 billion units in 2018 with a market value worth $36 billion in 2019. These numbers give us insight into just how big the natural cosmetics sector is and how much more growth we can expect to see. Within the health and beauty sector, people demand clear and identifiable ingredients for both beauty from within and for topical finished products. These demands have led to increased consumer awareness, traceability efforts from finished product providers, and an extensive list of certifications and achievements by both finished good marketers and ingredient suppliers to aid in transparent and traceable paper trails for the ingredients and the products on the shelf.
Recently at SupplySide West in Las Vegas, NV, USA, Verdure Sciences® proudly debuted the newest ingredient solution in a vast line up of patented and clinically backed plant-based ingredients: Maplifa®. Sourced and manufactured solely in North America using a patented, eco-friendly, and sustainable process, Maplifa® (Acer rubrum extract), aims to meet growing needs offering clinically supported applications promoting multiple areas of dermal health.
Standardized to a unique polyphenolic ratio, this maple leaf extract is a proprietary, clean label solution and Non-GMO Project verified. Additionally, this traditional North American ingredient is a part of the newly announced Verdugration initiative with sustainable harvesting techniques that aim to promote and sustain healthy tree populations.  Further, the harvesting and collection of the leaves for Maplifa® do not negatively impact or harm the maturing trees, as may occur with bark collections.
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Verdugration is a comprehensive initiative targeting traceability, sustainability, and global stewardship of Verdure’s impressive array of plant-based ingredients. Maplifa®’s earth-friendly harvesting and eco-friendly extraction process provides clean labels and green advantages. Beyond sustainable and traceable initiatives for the extract, Verdure has secured acres of land (in areas where red maple is native and flourishing) with efforts to promote land and tree conservation and promote a healthy population of native flora and fauna.
Maplifa® is currently being clinically studied in humans to support antioxidant function, skin radiance, and skin elasticity, as well as anti-microbial activity at functional skin care levels. Current in vitro work supports the promotion of epidermal homeostasis and multiple mechanisms associated with anti-aging.
“Immense effort has been taken to establish a complete clean label ingredient that is traceable and sustainable with clinical affirmation. Verdure truly listens to our customers and their market needs. We are honored to offer Maplifa® to the global marketplace, while adding to the already impressive lineup here at Verdure. It is only an indication of what is yet to come and we are excited to see how this will continue to highlight Verdure’s position with focused initiatives and clinically efficacious solutions,” explained lead on the project, Sonya Cropper, VP of Marketing & Innovation at Verdure Sciences®.
Leisha Jenkins, Marketing Associate at Verdure Sciences, went on to explain, “We are proud to offer plant-based ingredients that not only support health and wellness, but also contribute to ongoing sustainability, traceability, and global stewardship initiatives and be a key partner in the natural products industry.”
Read more about Maplifa® and Verdure’s sustainability efforts on our website or send us an email for more information about Verdugration initiatives.
About Verdure Sciences®:
Verdure Sciences® manages ingredient innovation throughout the integration of supply network, production, and research platforms. With an expanding pipeline of proprietary, standardized botanical ingredients supported by pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and clinical research profiles, we work toward our unified vision to offer safe, effective ingredient solutions. Verdure Sciences® is a registered trademark of Verdure Sciences®, Inc.
About Maplifa®:
Maplifa® is a proprietary phenolic-enriched red maple (Acer rubrum) leaf extract standardized to total polyphenol content and GCGs, this water-soluble extract is produced using an earth-friendly, patented extraction process for a concentrated ingredient solution that is free of organic solvents.
About Verdugration:
Verdure Sciences® works with organizations, people, and associations around the globe to integrate sustainable, traceable, and certifiable practices. This integration, Verdugration, is our commitment to socially responsible initiatives. This global stewardship initiative reaches beyond our global office to testing labs, warehouses, fields, and offices around the world.
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