Bacognize® Primed For Sports Nutrition: Sports Certified

Bacognize®, Verdure Sciences’ proprietary Bacopa monnieri extract, has recently passed rigorous testing for sports banned substances. This batch-specific certification, Certified for Sports by Korva Labs, screens for more than 200 compounds and is newly announced and available to customers for purchase moving forward. Verdure is excited to expand the pipeline of quality and assurance parameters with another highly regarded certification.
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Bacognize® is supported by a strong safety profile and multiple randomized, placebo controlled clinical trials supporting a recommend daily dose of 300-600mg/day. Verdure is proud to include this newest testing parameter to the suite of other third-party testing and certifications already in place for Bacognize® including non-GMO project verification and certified Glyphosate Residue Free. This additional screening parameter is an exciting move forward in providing valuable, sports-focused verification for customers targeting the multi-faceted audiences and unique needs of the sports nutrition category.
Bacognize offers a uniquely substantiated solution for sports nutrition targeting cognitive acuity and supporting mood, memory, and focus, for people with vastly different athletic abilities. This certification is just another investment Verdure has made in branded ingredients that go above and beyond customer expectations to offer solutions vetted and certified by third-party organizations.
“We are really proud to offer a solution safe for sports that targets cognition. Mental acuity support is something we feel is important and well positioned for the sports nutrition category and is something that uniquely allows our customers to distinguish their sports-focused solutions and appeal to a wider variety of audiences with this distinction,” said Leisha Jenkins, Marketing Associate at Verdure Sciences.
Bacognize for sports nutrition
“Bacognize joins our Curcuma longa extract, Longvida®, in obtaining this verification, specifically tested and approved for sports nutrition by Korva Labs. The needs of the modern athlete are diverse, and we see a lot of value our ingredients can add through targeted application solutions such as this. It is just one of the many initiatives we have in place here at Verdure to offer our customers sports-focused solutions with plant-based ingredients,” continued Jenkins.
In addition to this new distinction, Bacognize® has a long history, clinical research, and tangible health benefits across an array of applications and uniquely targeted opportunities. Multiple clinical studies conducted using Bacognize® have shown benefits for mood and emotional wellbeing through antioxidant support, acetycholine mediation, and serotonin modulation. Serotonin is known to help regulate mood naturally, and when serotonin levels are normal, “people feel calmer, happier, more focused, and less anxious.”1,2  Additionally, in a study on Bacognize® conducted on medical students (people with already high cognitive abilities) it was found that after only 6 weeks of Bacognize®, “…[t]he neuropsychological measures for efficiency of attention, freedom from distractibility, and working memory improved significantly.”3
Bacognize’s sports banned verification is a beneficial designation for those in a number of segments in the sports category offering a unique differentiation point. The needs of the modern athlete have seen significant changes. With the rise of athletic events occurring outside of the standard football field or arena, like in the case of eSports gaming, solutions for focus and cognitive support sets the stage for the new generation of nutrition solutions for the modern athlete. †
† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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